Architect turned Illustrator

I draw and I have a background in science and engineering. Visual exploration of urban spaces and effective communication of complex ideas was key in my first career. Now I combine these skills to document events important to you, and to illustrate your articles, covers, websites and more. My tools are reportage drawings (art) and sketchnotes (strategic communication).



“A pen and pencil and paper is nothing if you have nothing to say. Otherwise do pretty watercolours and forget it.” [Ronald Searle]

Reportage illustration as social documentary, urban sketching, war art, courtroom or workplace reporting has remained a vital part of mass media and the arts. In documenting the world’s events, the drawn reportage holds a unique place. Interestingly, the potential that lies in documentary drawing seems particularly strengthened under the conditions of current digital photography with all its possibilities of manipulation.

Reportage drawings stand out from the flood of digital images; they help content stick out and get noticed.


You can hire me as visual correspondent, and to create unique illustrations for your publications or products..


visual notetaking

Sketchnotes are a powerful tool to structure and organise bulks of knowledge into digestible pieces of information. They are as much a method of notetaking as they are a form of creative expression.

Used professionally in a business context, sketchnotes are an implement of strategic corporate communication.

On a more personal level, sketchnotes serve as means of capturing, retaining and recording information for individual purposes.

You can hire me to sketchnote your corporate event or article, or to coach you personally to become a sketchnoter yourself.